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Basic concepts of a markup language
Basic building blocks of Web design and style
Basics of HTML5 and CSS
How to write a Web page
Develop web sites using the latest web standards
How to code with modern HTML5 tags, draw and animate fun Web graphics and play audio and video elements
CSS best practices for web page design
Fundamentals of JavaScript to help you develop interactive web apps
Understand why accessibility and internationalization are important
Cloud computing foundations and models
Types of cloud computing technologies (ie: AWS, Azure, IBM)
Methods for managing a cloud computing adoption/migration project
How to design a cloud computing infrastructure or service
Deployment and configuration of cloud computing systems
Insuring cloud security and mitigating risk
SaaS, PaaS and IaaS and other service platforms
How to load and clean real-world data
How to make reliable statistical inferences from noisy data
How to use machine learning to learn models for data
How to visualize complex data
How to use Apache Spark to analyze data that does not fit within the memory of a single computer

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